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New York Times

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1885 A Divorce Asked For (NYT)
1884 Judge Kelley’s Daughter Married
1890 Judge Kelley’s Will
1891 Judge William D. Kelley’s Estate
1922 Obituary: Levy Mayer’s Burial to Wait Return of Wife
1922 Obituary: Levy Mayer, Noted Lawyer, Found Dead
1890 Obituary: William D. Kelley
1877 The Shooting of Judge Kelley’s Son

Chicago Tribune (ProQuest)

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1895 Altgeld Denys It: He Gives His Side of the Loan Story
1896 Altgeld Has Not Answered
1884 Amusements: John T. Raymond at Hooley’s
1895 Are Seeking to Buy Up the Bonds
1894 Attacking the Law: Manufacturers Test the Eight-Hour Labor Statute
1897 Buys in the Calumet Distillery
1903 Call Injunction a Backward Step
1902 Change in Whisky Trust
1899 Chicago National Bank to Move to Unity Building
1892 Conditions According to Wealth: Florence Kelley Gives Some Facts About West Side Streets and Alleys
1897 Court at New Home: First Meeting of the Supreme Bench Under New Law
1893 Court on Wheels
1878 Courts of Appeal
1895 Death of the Trust
1892 Dr. Wischnewetzky Unsuccessful
1892 Elizabeth Morgan drawing
1895 Eyes on the Bench: Hot Times to Follow Supreme Court Whisky Decision
1894 Factory Cases in the Supreme Court
1887 Feed for the Lawyers
1894 Fines in Test Case
1897 Fix on Judge Gary
1895 Flaws in the Law: Supreme Court Punctures the Eight-Hour Act
1892 Forced to Run Away: Mrs. Wiscenewetzky Pleads for her Children
1892 From His Standpoint: Wischnewetzky’s Testimony About his Domestic Troubles
1893 Gary Denounced Under Protest
1915 Gray Hair May Put Six Judges Upon the Shelf
1895 Greater Needs than Fire Drills: Miss Florence Kelley Points Out Defects in Factories and Sweat Shops
1895 He Tells No Secrets
1893 History of the Supreme Court
1894 Hit at Sweat-Shops: Speakers Urge the Eight-Hour Law for Women
1895 Is Sold on One Bid (Whisky Trust)
1894 ITS Banquet Cash for the Poor
1884 John P. Algeld of Lake View Nominated By Democrats
1900 Judge Baker is Taken to Task
1903 Judges Now to the Fore
1905 Law Can’t Limit a Working Day
1894 Levy Mayer Argues Against the Law: Question of the Constitutionality of the Eight-Hour Act is Raised
1892 Looking in an Evil: Uncle Sam Examining the Sweatshop System
1895 Meeting of the Woman’s Club: Paper on The Educated Laborer Is Read by Miss Maud Summers
1894 More Time to Work: Movement to Abolish the Eight-Hour Law
1892 Music and Drama: A Review of “The Major’s Appointment”
1902 Obituary: Career of John Peter Altgeld
1889 Obituary: David Demarest Lloyd
1902 Obituary: Death of John W. Ela (Tribune)
1903 Obituary: Henry D. Lloyd is Dead
1917 Obituary: M.T. Moloney Dies at Ottawa
1913 Obituary: Maybelle Thatcher Little
1900 Obituary: Mrs. A.P. Stevens Dead
1890 Obituary: William D. Kelley is Dead
1895 Offers it to the School: County Wants to Give Away the Normal Institution
1895 Pintsch Gas for South Side Cars: Chicago City Railway Officials Have Matter Under Consideration
1904 Plans to Swoop on Glass Plants: Davies Decides on Stricter Measures to Enforce Child Labor Law
1901 Reproof to Judge Baker
1894 Ruskin’s Message to the Century
1924 Saved-By Massachusetts: Kelley Called A Red
1895 Says He is Unfit: Former Health Commissioner Is Charged With Permitting the Spread of Smallpox
1900 Sons of the Revolution Meet: Judge Frank Baker Is Chosen President
1913 Strange Material Used in Making Store Pies: National Consumer League
1895 Successor to the Whisky Trust
1894 Taft Before Society of Artists: He Lectures On “Memories of the Art Palace”
1903 Tattlings of a Retired Politician: A Million Dollar Bribe
1899 Tax Boards at Issue
1888 The “New Conscience:” Henry Demarest Lloyd’s Lecture to the Ethical Culture Society
1887 The Theatres: The “Bostonians” Open Their Season at Chicago Opera-House
1895 To Adopt a Reorganization Plan: Attorney Levy Mayer to Go to New York Today for the Whisky Trust
1895 To Sell the Assets: Whiskey Trust Property to Go to the New Corporation
1895 To Stop Child Labor: Dr. Probst and Florence Kelley Start a Crusade
1897 Wanderer No More: End Put to the Travels of the Illinois Supreme Court; Springfield its Home
1912 Want Women In Legislature
1893 Whisky Trust Denies It All: Answer to Attorney-General Moloney’s Charges
1893 Whisky Trust Gets a Blow
1892 Why Filth Abounds: Revelations in Reference to Streets and Alleys
1896 Will Altgeld Please Explain?
1895 Will Not Affect the New York Law: Inspectors of Gotham Discuss the Illinois “Eight-Hour” Decision
1894 Women Against Eight-Hour Law
1893 Women Factory Inspectors Appointed: Florence Kelley, Alzina Parsons Stevens
1894 Would Smash A Law: Sharp Argument in the Eight-Hour Test Case at Mt. Vernon

Daily InterOcean

Year Title
1895 Are Given Degrees: Students of Northwestem University Receive Diplomas
1892 Densare Denounced Stirring Speeches against the Sweating System
1894 Factory Inspection Proprietors of Workshops Not All Disposed to Comply with the Law
1893 Feeding the Hungry The Sunset Club Discusses Charity at a Banquet
1893 From Many Nations Women Representing the World’s Thought Assemble
1895 Helped the Plague Gross Mismanagement Charged against Dr. Reynolds
1896 Hull House Summer School
1893 In Labor’s Realm The Eight-hour Law Gets a Blow in Kansas
1896 In the Sweat Shops Personal Investigation by Representative of the Inter Ocean
1895 Meet at Hull House Young Theologians Study Social Settlement Problem
1893 Modern Slave Dens Tour of the Legislative Committee to Sweat Shops
1896 More Child Labor Cases Begun
1892 More Seats Needed Children Forced Out of School for Want of Room
1892 Must Have Schools Immediate Duty of Chicago’s Board of Education
1893 Never Cease Work Sweat-shops Found Running All Day Sunday
1895 Not Worth Paper Written On: Mrs. Kelley’s Estimate of Value of Child-Labor Law
1896 Preventive Work for Children Discussed at the Conference of the Bureau of Charities
1896 Preventive Work for Children Societies Will Discuss the Subject in a Series of Papers
1896 Says the Laws Are Defective: Miss Florence Kelley, Factory Inspector, Delivers an Address
1895 Sweat Shops Should Go Illinois Factory Inspectors Decidedly Urge Their Abolition
1893 Would Not Correct It: Mrs. Florence Kelley Points Out an Error of the Tribune’s

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Chicago Tribune

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Southern Illinois University Press

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2004 Grafters and Goo Goos

Washington Post (ProQuest)

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1902 Obituary: Ex-Gov. J.P. Altgeld Dead