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American Journal of Sociology

Year Title
1899 Aims and Principles of the Consumers' League
1904 Has Illinois the Best Laws in the Country for the Protection of Children?
1911 Minimum-Wage Boards
1898 The Illinois Child-Labor Law
1898 The United States Supreme Court and the Utah Eight-Hours' Law
1896 The Working Boy

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Year Title
1903 An Effective Child-Labor Law: A Program for the Current Decade
1902 Child Labor Legislation
1922 Industrial Conditions as a Community Problem with Particular Reference to Child Labor
1929 Labor Legislation for Women and Its Effects on Earnings and Conditions of Labor
1923 Laborers in Heat and in Heavy Industries
1910 New England’s Lost Leadership
1907 Obstacles to the Enforcement of Child Labor Legislation
1911 Our Lack of Statistics
1907 Reports from State and Local Child Labor Committees and Consumers' League
1909 Scholarships for Working Children
1911 Street Trades
1909 The Federal Children’s Bureau: A Symposium
1906 The Federal Government and the Working Children
1909 The Invasion of Family Life by Industry
1908 The Responsibility of the Consumer
1911 What Should We Sacrifice for Uniformity?
1914 Women and Social Legislation in the United States

Charities Review

Year Title
1905 Child Labor Legislation and Enforcement in New England and the Middle States
1912 Labor of Women and Children in Tenements
1910 Married Women in Industry
1915 The La Follette Law from the Consumers' Point of View

American Journal of Nursing

Year Title
1906 Equal Suffrage Movement
1901 The Consumers' League


Year Title
1915 Discussion: Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science in the City of New York
1908 Essentials in Factory Inspection
1907 Factory Inspection in the United States
1897 Factory Legislation for Women in the United States
1894 Irregularity of Employment
1957 National Consumer’s League and the Brandeis Brief
1895 Review: First Special Report of the Factory Inspectors of Illinois on Small-Pox in the Tenement-House Sweat-Shops of Chicago
1891 Sage Maidens of Cornell University
1894 The Chicago Strike

Labor History

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Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society

Year | Title

Southern Illinois University Law Journal

Year | Title

Journal of Political Economy

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1912 Minimum-Wage Laws

American Journal of Public Hygiene

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